The Frederick Douglass Boulevard Alliance is working to ensure that the Frederick Douglass Boulevard corridor from 110th to 124th Streets is clean and safe through two streetscape initiatives:

Clean Streets

To maintain the cleanliness of sidewalks on the Frederick Douglass Boulevard corridor, the Frederick Douglass Boulevard Alliance piloted a street cleaning initiative in November 2015 by partnering with non-profit independent sanitation organization, The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE), which employs recovering homeless men and women, helping them to reenter the workforce and achieve long-term economic self-sufficiency. During the week-long pilot of the Clean Streets initiative, FDBA experienced significant results. ACE cleaners provided additional cleaning services on the corridor that supplemented Department of Sanitation services by sweeping sidewalks from buildings to the curb, removing filled garbage bags from NYC Department of Sanitation trash receptacles and replacing them with new liners, and cleaning out cigarette butts and other debris from sidewalk cracks and tree pits. In just one week, ACE removed over 5,000 pounds of garbage from Frederick Douglass Boulevard. 

We have recently received a generous grant from New York City Council Member Inez E. Dickens to provide additional cleaning services from ACE. FDBA expects to significantly lessen the amount of litter on the corridor, as well as overflowing trash from NYC Department of Sanitation receptacles, resulting in a decrease of rodent activity and an increase in consumerism along the corridor due to the clean and welcoming nature of the area. While we are currently able to provide street cleaning a few days a week, we require additional funding to expand street cleaning to five days a week. If you are interested in supporting the Clean Streets initiative, please contact us or make a donation

Historic Street Lamps

We are partnering with the New York City Department of Transportation to replace the current street lights on Frederick Douglass Boulevard with new historic street lamps from 110th to 116th Streets. In order to continue replacing regular street lights with these attractive historic street lamps all the way to 124th Street, we need to raise $350,000 in additional funds. If you would like to help us complete our historic street lamp initiative, please contribute a donation